Meetings & Reports


The next meeting will be at 10am on Thurs 25 April 2019 at Glenfalloch Lodge.

The Group meets twice a year, in Spring and Autumn. Minutes of meetings are available below.

ITDMG Summary Minutes of Meeting 1 November 2018

ITDMG Summary Minutes of Meeting 2 Nov 2017

ITDMG Summary Minutes of Meeting 28 Oct 2016


SNH Assessments of ITDMG

SNH carried out an assessment of ITDMG in 2014 against a benchmark of wide-ranging criteria. A re-assessment to measure progress was done in 2016. ITDMG have made significant progress over the two years, as can be seen from the two documents below which show the change from a mixture of green, amber and red boxes in 2014 to almost all green, a few amber and no red boxes in 2016. The assessment results can be downloaded below.

In Mar/Apr 2019, SNH will carry out another re-assessment of all DMGs. They will use the same criteria as before, but focus on the delivery rather than planning aspect of Deer Management Plans. There will be particular emphasis on four areas: 1) delivering designated sites to favourable condition; 2) addressing native woodland condition; 3) woodland expansion; and 4) carbon and peatland.

ITDMG SNH Assessment 2014

ITDMG SNH Re-assessment 2016



This can be downloaded here.