Deer Management Plan

The Plan was written in 2013 and was updated fully in 2015-16 and has been formally endorsed by all the Members of the Group. SNH funding was accessed for updating the plan.

The Background Information document provides information about the structure and running of the Group, count and cull information, designated sites, and all other deer management issues that affect the Group. It is updated when necessary.

The Working Plan is used as the Group’s action plan and is regularly updated to reflect current group issues and plans.

ITDMG DMP Working Plan Oct 2022

ITDMG DMP Background Information Oct 2022

ITDMG DMP Appendix 1 – Constitution

ITDMG DMP Appendix 2 – Contact List and Cull Requirements (CONFIDENTIAL)

ITDMG DMP Appendix 3 – Designated sites in the ITDMG area (Nov 2017)

ITDMG DMP Appendix 4 – Historic & Cultural Features

ITDMG DMP Appendix 5 – Map of Herbivore Pressure on Native Woodland (link to OneDrive file)

Hinds on hill